ETERNITY is a space created with love for all those who need to feel nurtured, loved and cherished.

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And what seems like all of a sudden, there she is, standing proudly ……… vision to reality, manifestation at its best.  There was a time that she had to be put on hold, and I honestly thought it would not be possible to create this place.  Then the vision kept on popping into my head, relentlessly tapping at my soul …….  “This needs to happen, you need to do this, Denise, it is part of your purpose and there is no getting away from this.”  

And so it is ………  Eternity became, in all her magnificence. 

ETERNITY is a space created with love for all those who need to feel nurtured, loved and cherished.  

  • A place for deep sharing of wisdom and knowledge, for connection, and for those who come bearing gifts for the world to feel supported and held as they weave their magic to help others heal.  
  • A place for rejuvenation and retreating from the world to restore well-being and vitality.  A place to celebrate love and the union of two souls pledging a life together. 
  • A space to dig deep and to tap into your creativity – to paint, to write, to capture the ever changing light. 
  • A place to envision the future for your company and build trust and understanding amongst your team. 
  • A place to relax, unwind and enjoy specially curated meals that are prepared with love and care to balance and energize the body.
  • A place to refresh your soul – time out from the world to breathe, to hone your vision of the future you deserve and to learn how to live consciously and with clear intention.


The hardest thing is to just do it – take that step, isn’t it?  Once you do, there is no going back. You will be supported. There are of course many hurdles to overcome, such as finance.  A BIG one! Do you know that once you are of a certain mature age, you cannot get a bond easily?  They are afraid you might peg off and not pay them back ….. ay yay yay!  As we started, I knew I had to self-fund for a while, so I cashed in every policy that I had ever taken out to get the project off the ground. Much frustration, many tears, endless paperwork, and feeling like I had sold my soul. Hadn’t I worked my whole life to this point to feel that I am worthy?  Well, this is a quick exercise to bring you crashing down to Earth!   Just as I thought I was going to have to either sell my body parts or call a halt to the project, the bond came through.  Hallelujah!

This was my brief to my team – and for those who know me, know that when I have a vision, there is no stopping me. And what a team I have been fortunate to work with!  The purpose of these musings is to express my deep appreciation for everyone who assisted to make this project come alive. Every person that worked on Eternity saw where I wanted to go and made it even better than I could ever have imagined. I felt their excitement in my joy as Eternity evolved.

From here, the vision ideally needs to translate into bookings, via various advertising platforms and for this I pulled in my creative tribe for each to assist in some way to put together a series of images that would make it very clear as to what this space in intended for.  We need to live very consciously, with intention and focus to achieve the desired results. No grey areas allowed. 

It was just remarkable how the synergy happened, and each moment unfolded from a slightly chaotic start and dropped into a playful place of perfect order and fabulous fun at the same time.